Casa Kickapoo

Mario Sperry

Can’t wait to return!
Going to El Salvador for no other reason than to stay at Casa Kickapoo with Luis and Gloria is a worthwhile idea. I simply can’t say enough good things about them as hosts, and as human beings in general. They are just the best kind of people. I’ve been on vacations where I’ve said, “Wow, they thought of everything”… and then I went to Casa Kickapoo. Talk about raising the bar.

Erin and Corey P.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

In my head I had so many ideas of what it would be like and was worried that I’d got so excited that maybe it wouldn’t live up to what I hoped it would be. It didn’t, it exceeded them in every way! From the moment I got to Casa Kickapoo I was made to feel completely welcome, Luis and Gloria are the perfect hosts, always smiling, kind and cannot do enough for you.

Justin A.

United Kingdom

Beyond expectations!
Luis and Gloria have done an amazing job to create a magical vacation destination. I had high expectations going into this vacation and somehow they were surpassed in so many ways. Great attention to detail. Always helpful and friendly. The house is amazing. The beach is like something out of a novel. Amazing surf, warm water and not another person in sight. I can’t wait to return. Thank you for a wonderful vacation.

Zac N.

Ontario, Canada

Surf & Jiu Jitsu Training Vacation

one week all inclusive


What's Included?



7 night accommodations



3 healthy meals a day plus 2 in between snacks



Soft drinks: coffee, tea, natural juices, water, coconuts



6 days surf & Jiu Jitsu instruction



2 yoga classes per week



Surfboard rental, leash and wax



Unlimited use of kayaks



Unlimited use of paddleboards



Water skiing, wake boarding & wake surfing



Mangrove forest tour



Daily laundry service including hand washed gis



Airport transfers




Estero de Jaltepeque, La Paz


Casa Kickapoo is a waterfront property on the Estero de Jaltepeque in the department of La Paz – about an hour away from the capital city of San Salvador.

The property reaches all the way to the ocean on the other side of a peninsula, just a short 5 minute walk from the house. This unique setting gives our guests direct access to both the estuary and the ocean.

Casa Kickapoo





At Casa Kickapoo all of your expectations are met. From the excellent Jiu Jitsu instruction by major names in the industry, to the food and accommodations, everything at the Casa is top shelf. The owners are very attentive to their guests’ needs as well is their onsite staff. Whether it be surfing lessons or a special meal request, Casa Kickapoo can provide it. Casa Kickapoo provides a safe, welcoming environment for all levels of people in Jiu Jitsu and allows them a chance to learn and train in the jewel of Central America. You will not be disappointed.

James B.

Denver, Colorado

Jiu Jitsu


Mario Sperry
5th degree black belt

• 4 X ADCC Super Fight Champion
• 4 X CBJJ Champion
• 3 X IBJJF World Champion
• 2 X Brazilian National Champion
• Multiple MMA Champion

One of the main competitors in both Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, José Mário Sperry, also known as Zé Mário or Zé Maquina, was a big figure of the Pride Fc organization in Japan.

In the earlier 2000’s, he founded one of the most powerful MMA teams in the world – Brazilian Top Team (BTT). Mario was also the head coach for Team Nogueira and the Blackzilians.

He now lives in Florida with his family and enjoys his time training, teaching seminars and surfing.

Rodrigo Antunes
4th degree black belt

• UFC Super Challenge Champion (2016)
• Metamoris veteran (2015)
• 3 X American Nationals Champion
• 2 X Brazilian Champion
• Worlds Masters Championship Silver Medalist
• Worlds No Gi Bronze Medalist
• European Champion

Rodrigo Antunes is a jiu jitsu black belt under legendary Mario Sperry, who after coaching BJJ all over the world, moved to the United States, opening an academy there.

Besides many medals in the most prestigious IBJJF events (Worlds Masters, Worlds No Gi and 3 X American Nationals Champion), he won the first ever UFC Super Challenge Belt in 2016. Rodrigo has also been a regular at the Metamoris promotion, having been invited to fight 5 times.

In 2012 Rodrigo received his 4th degree in BJJ from Grand Master João Alberto Barreto, a man who also had great influence in Rodrigo’s life as a martial artist.

Rodrigo also holds a black belt in Judo and Sambo under legendaries Gokor Chivychian and Gene Le Bell.





Costa del Sol is one of the longest, widest and most beautiful beaches in the country. It’s also considered one of the best surfing beach breaks in El Salvador. We grew up surfing and fishing in these waters and know them very well.

The surf works best in the summer months, between November and April (dry season), usually on an incoming or outgoing high tide. The swell drops significantly during this time, but the offshore winds kick in and more than make up for the smaller size surf with endless days of perfect barrels.

Tired of the crowds back home? We guarantee you and your group will be the only ones out on the lineup at any given time. The conditions during this time of the year are usually beginner friendly, although intermediate to advanced surfers will also appreciate it when it gets big and punchy.





Your package includes two weekly morning yoga classes!

Our resident instructors are registered yoga teachers by Yoga Alliance. We offer Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga vinyasa.

We are hoping our yoga sessions will help you with all the surfing and training!



We offer plenty of activities and sightseeing tours for those who would like to take a break from our daily schedule.


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