Casa Kickapoo

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Which airport should I fly into?

Monsenor Oscar Arnulfo Romero International Airport

Airport Code:


Time Zone:

Central Standard Time Zone

Local currency:

US Dollar

I am arriving early, which hotels do you recommend?

Across the street from us:
Hotel Pacific Paradise

Please note airport transfers included in your package are only valid from the airport to Casa Kickapoo and vice versa. Casa Kickapoo will not cover your airport transfers if you are at any other location other than the airport or Casa Kickapoo.

Are private rooms available?

No, only double and quad occupancy rooms.

Are girl only rooms available?

We don’t, although we will do our best to pair everybody up. Otherwise rooms will be mixed. We also have shared showers and bathrooms next to the main hall.

What’s the maximum number of guests per camp?

14 guests

What to bring?
Besides all your usual beach gear, we recommend to bring a couple of gis and rash guards in case one is not dry by next day. You should also bring a surf hat, surf/beach booties, sun blocker, bug repellent and a beach/pool towel. Please note bathroom towels are not allowed outside the room. Check out our ‘What to Bring Section’ under the Booking tab

What’s not included?

Air fare
Alcoholic beverages
Mineral water
Sightseeing trips

Do I get a discount if I bring someone who’s not interested in training? 

No you don’t, our operational expenses are the same whether you train or not.

What kind of food do you serve?

There is a sample menu on our Meal section under Accommodations. We serve 3 healthy meals a day plus 2 snacks. Please let us know of any food requirements prior to your arrival and our chef will do his/her best to accommodate you.

Do you serve alcoholic beverages?

We sell beer and wine. There is a supermarket about 30 minutes away where you can buy alcohol, among other things. If you can, we would advise to bring your own.

Is it safe?

We can’t sit here with a straight face saying El Salvador can’t be a dangerous place. Sure, it can. But we’ve been coming to this place since we were kids and we have never experienced one single incident. We believe a little common sense goes a long way.  In addition to our camps, Casa Kickapoo is a beach rental year round and so far we are proud to have an impeccable safety record. We think it’s very safe!

How much cash should I bring?

That depends on what else you would like to do while staying with us. Although these are all inclusive camps, there are some things that are not included like beer or wine and sightseeing trips or fishing. We think somewhere around $500 just in case. We can also bill you through PayPal on some house items.

Do you have WiFi & Cable TV?

Yes we do, but don’t expect lighting fast speeds, especially if everybody else is on FaceTime!  🙂 You are here to get off line anyway!

What level of surf & Jiu Jitsu can I expect? 

Very diverse, from beginners to advance – everybody is welcome!

Gi or no Gi?


What size boards do you have?

We stock sizes from 6’2” short boards to 9’0” longboards

Can I sign up for both weeks?

We hope you do! We get a lot of guests travelling across the world that do just that. Many think one week in paradise is not enough!

Do I get a discount if I sign up for both weeks?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer a discount.

What type of surf conditions can I expect? 

November through April are our summer months (dry season). You can expect smaller conditions during this time of the year. Conditions vary from playful beginner waves to long racy barrels. Either way it gets very fun, especially when we’re the only ones out!

When is the deadline for signing up?

Whenever we sell out