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Have you ever dreamed about surfing empty lineups and rolling the whole day with world class bjj instructors?

At a tropical destination in Central America?

Leave your wet suits at home, warm water year round!

Casa Kickapoo is committed to providing first class, all inclusive bjj & surfing instructional vacations that will blow your mind! El Salvador is a well known, world class surfing destination. We are adding world class bjj to the mix and offering what some are calling the vacation of a lifetime!

We are very excited we have partnered up with several high level bjj black belts who are some of the most well respected competitors and instructors out there today. You might know them from the former WEC, Metamoris, Worlds, Pan Americans or Nationals, instructional videos, books or magazines. This is your chance to finally meet some of them and really get to know them. Go ahead, pick their brains while you two sit in the water waiting for the next waves to come through.

Spend a week (or two) with any of these exciting instructors and take your game to the next level. We are not a gym and this is not your average 1-2 days bjj seminar. Our camps are a one week beach vacation at a private property that includes world class bjj and surfing instruction. We have very limited capacity, groups are small but diverse. You will have plenty of time to spend one on one with the instructor and fellow guests. Open mat all day, everyday.

Your roommates will be like minded travel buffs and will become your best friends from day one. Their level will be mixed: white belts to black belts from all over the world who are here to have as much fun as you. For the first few days you will step on those mats like there is no tomorrow and go at it until your body tells you otherwise. At that point you might slow down and decide to skip the afternoon bjj class because the surf is on and you would rather paddle out and enjoy the water. Welcome to the bjj beach lifestyle!

Whether you are a beginner or advance bjj student or surfer, you will soon find our camps to be safe, fun and a unique learning experience. Come for the travel adventure, top-notch instruction, lifelong friendships, fascinating culture, amazing food and much more!

All camp guests must download our Guest Medical Emergency Form and Waiver
Please fill out and email back to us prior to your arrival.



UPCOMING CAMPS 2016 – 2017