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Jeremy Arel

All in all, this trip was a life changer for me…both physically and mentally. If you love jiu jitsu and/or surfing you have to visit Casa Kickapoo!!

Lesley Z.

Winnipeg, Canada

I’ve received the finest royal treatment one could wish for, from the minute I got picked-up from the airport to the moment I got dropped-off – a very sad day as I could have easily stayed with Luis and Gloria endlessly since it was so easy to forget that I had a life back in London.

Mirian B.

London, United Kingdom

The best trip I have ever taken. Surfing, training, and eating every meal with people around the world like a giant family. Luis and Gloria thank you so much for hosting all of us and making us feel at home every single day.

Eric D.

Fremont, CA

Surf & Jiu Jitsu Training Vacation

one week all inclusive


What's Included?



7 night accommodations



3 healthy meals a day plus 2 in between snacks



Soft drinks: coffee, tea, natural juices, water, coconuts



6 days surf & Jiu Jitsu instruction



2 yoga classes per week



Surfboard rental, leash and wax



Unlimited use of kayaks



Unlimited use of paddleboards



Water skiing, wake boarding & wake surfing



Mangrove forest tour



Daily laundry service including hand washed gis



Airport transfers




Estero de Jaltepeque, La Paz


Casa Kickapoo is a waterfront property on the Estero de Jaltepeque in the department of La Paz – about an hour away from the capital city of San Salvador.

The property reaches all the way to the ocean on the other side of a peninsula, just a short 5 minute walk from the house. This unique setting gives our guests direct access to both the estuary and the ocean.

Casa Kickapoo





This place, its absolute unreal, to say that it was paradise is an understatement! I mean wow! You know when you look through a travel magazine and you see the typical paradise photos, well I was actually in this kind of place, absolute paradise!

Jodie B

United Kingdom

Jiu Jitsu


Jeremy Arel, also known as ‘The Gerbil’, is a BJJ black belt under the legendary Roberto ‘Gordo’ Correa and a well-known name amongst Jiu Jitsu’s internet community, through his several online instructionals and his active participation in some of the most important grappling forums on the web.

Jeremy’s actual training started at age 7 in Isshinryu Karate. He didn’t keep to Karate for too long, and in 1996 decided to practice Jeet Kune Do, a sport he took a lot more seriously than the previous.

Training up to 4 times per week, Jeremy became more and more obsessed to Bruce Lee’s martial art system, so much that he gave up his social life to dedicate full attention to Jeet Kune Do and within 4 years received a black belt in this style. Training mixed martial arts Jeremy started entering competition; he did several boxing, kickboxing and grappling tournaments, and even tried out for the WKA USA National Team.

Jeremy then took a short recess in his martial arts education to serve in Iraq for the Army National Guard, after which he graduated from college with a degree in Physical Education and Health.

One day Jeremy decided to change his life around and move to Brazil to train full time. He saved every penny he could and jumped on a plane.

Once in Brazil, Jeremy met his would be instructor Roberto Correa and started training under the Gracie Barra legend. Jeremy arrived in Rio as a Purple belt and received his brown belt from ‘Gordo’ in Brazil. It was after receiving his brown belt that he decided to move to Brazil for good. ‘The Gerbil’ moved back home and sold everything he owned to assure he could get a good 2 to 4 years in Rio and possibly earn his black belt there. It didn’t take that long. Gordo grew fond of Jeremy’s style and approach to BJJ and even granted him the honor of teaching at his gym from time to time. Jeremy eventually received his black belt on December 11th, 2010.

The following month Jeremy returned to the U.S. and began pursuing his longtime dream of opening his own Jiu Jitsu school. Jeremy is now the proud owner of Great Grappling, a state of the art Jiu Jitsu school in Fort Mill, South Carolina.






Costa del Sol is one of the longest, widest and most beautiful beaches in the country. It’s also considered one of the best surfing beach breaks in El Salvador. We grew up surfing and fishing in these waters and know them very well.

The surf works best in the summer months, between November and April (dry season), usually on an incoming or outgoing high tide. The swell drops significantly during this time, but the offshore winds kick in and more than make up for the smaller size surf with endless days of perfect barrels.

Tired of the crowds back home? We guarantee you and your group will be the only ones out on the lineup at any given time. The conditions during this time of the year are usually beginner friendly, although intermediate to advanced surfers will also appreciate it when it gets big and punchy.





Your package includes two weekly morning yoga classes!

Our resident instructors are registered yoga teachers by Yoga Alliance. We offer Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga vinyasa.

We are hoping our yoga sessions will help you with all the surfing and training!



We offer plenty of activities and sightseeing tours for those who would like to take a break from our daily schedule.


BJJ Beach Life


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Jeremy Arel’s 1st week: February 10th-17th, 2018

Double: Sold out
Quad: 3 spots
Jeremy Arel’s 2nd week: February 19th-26th, 2018

Double: Medium
Quad: Medium

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