Casa Kickapoo


Sophie Night: Absolutely amazing!!

I only stayed for a week, but I wish it was more. The house and surroundings are stunning, the staff are so polite and helpful. There’s always activities going on that you can join and there’s plenty of things to keep you busy at the house. I couldn’t have been looked after any better! I thoroughly enjoyed my stay here and plan to come back again next year for a longer period of time.


Sandown, Isle of Wight, United Kingdom

Alejandro Castillo: You can’t get any closer to paradise than Casa Kickapoo!

I attended a BJJ and Surf Camp at Casa Kickapoo and had the most amazing time of my life! Training and surfing was amazing but what really set the bar high was the hospitality we received. It felt like I was at home the moment I stepped foot in the house. Luis and his staff really cared and did everything possible to ensure a great time! The food prepared by Rodrigo was absolutely delicious! I walked away with some new friends and amazing memories. I cant thank them enough!


Charleston, South Carolina

Martin Victor Thrane: Two weeks in Paradise….

I bought this vacation, cause my professor in Jiu-jitsu was doing a BJJ Surf camp and I love both…. Oh boy, I was in for a treat.

What started out as a camp with focus on training, evolved in to so much more – Been greeted by the friendly house driver at the airport, I already felt I was taken well care of, arriving at the house, I met The Host and The Hostess of the year 2015(IF you ask me!) and was thrown a fresh coconut in my hands minutes after… This became a home in another country with likely minded people around me and nothing but enjoyable times.

I was there for two weeks and I don’t regret it for a moment – the people I’ve met, the experiences I’ve been so fortunate to be a part of… WORTH IT.

The only thing I dreaded was that I knew it would come to an end – but I know that future guest will have the feeling of paradise as I did, I’ll bet you my pension on it!

Forever grateful, for what Luis, Gloria and their staff was able to pull of for making my stay perfect.

Sincerly, Martin


Frederiksberg, Denmark

Douglas Atkinson: Amazing!

I loved the week I spent at Casa Kickapoo beach house. It was the first time me and my girlfriend had been outside Europe and we are overjoyed to say we chose to spend it with Luis and all the BJJ Globetrotters at this amazing place. Right next to the beach and the most helpful and friendly service you could ask for. Luis went out of his way to make us feel welcome and filled our days with fun activities that we loved.


Sandown, Isle of Wight, United Kingdom

Mason Coriell: This place always felt like home

“2 am arrival first day away from the home I knew. No one to be seen. Strange new country. Foreign language and of course customs. There is a driver waiting at the airport tho which is a great comfort so late in the evening. I arrive at the house and it’s dark. Can’t find my bed. The pick up driver barely understands me. Where do I sleep? What am I doing here? No direct answer. But hold on, I can see a lone hammock swaying in the gentle night breeze that seems to be spot lighted by the half moon. I found my place for tonight. I sleep as if it was meant to be, engaging in sleep as of it were days that went by not just a few hours. Not restless or nervous. At home under the stars, in a foreign place alone and uncertain. I still slept perfectly. I awoke in the morning to a bright smiling face, asking, “want to go surf?”. From that moment on I didn’t have a care in the world. The camp ran so smooth. I never noticed anything out of place. If I wanted for anything, it was already considered and waiting for me! Fresh coconut? It was there chopped to sit perfectly flat on the table. Want to explore the estuary? Paddle board waiting. Want hang out with dogs? The best dogs ready to follow you to the beach. Want to sneak in a lil extra training on the mats? Multiple other training partners ready to go. Want to find that deep relaxing sleep again? Pick a place. It didn’t matter. This place always felt like home.”


Orlando, FL

Fredrik Persson: Amazing beach house perfect for the ultimate BJJ/Surf experience!

Whether you want to surf, paddle, wake, train grappling or just relax in the sun Casa Kickapoo is the place to be! Had an amazing week in this wonderful little house with the garden and the estuary on one side and the beach just a few minutes’ walk on the other.

Surfing and interesting excursions during the day and long rolls on the mat during the evening under the night sky, which brings a whole new meaning to the term “open mat”! The staff and owners were all extremely friendly and really keen on making sure that we all had a good time!

The food cooked by the professional chef was excellent and the fridge was always filled with cooled beverages and coconuts from the garden. In addition there were also coolers full of tasty fresh made juices, perfect for re-hydrating after hard training under the sun! Before my trip I had heard that El Salvador was a dangerous country, but I never felt the least bit unsafe during my time there.

In short: I had an amazing time at Casa Kickapoo and I really recommend it for everyone interested in surfing, grappling or just want to visit a nice and a bit unusual location for their vacation!


Kungsater, Sweden

Andrew Vaness: Great small resort with as many or few activities as you want to do!

I stayed here for one week and it was paradise. Anything you wanted, the staff would try to provide. Anything you wanted to do, they would help you find a way to do it. They offered so many activities and excursions, you just cant do them all! I did a one week surf and jiu jitsu camp and we would surf every morning, eat breakfast, do something fun midday, jiu jitsu in the evening, have supper, and enjoy the evening. Safe area with endless beach in either direction. I really enjoyed my stay!


Alberta, Canada

Barbara Victoria: Absolute Paradise!

This was my first visit to Central America, and I am afriad it has spoilt me for the future. Nothing can ever top this experience.
The physical part of the experience was good; the beds big and soft, the house clean, the food good, the weather nice. But best of all was the ambience. I felt truly welcome and as among friends (friends who still went out of their way to make the guests as comfortable as possible). Luis and his crew were truly interested in our well being and happiness.
So if you’re interested in a place where you can swim, surf, eat, relax and do your hobbies while every one of your needs is taken care of before you even knew you had it, this is the place.
And, there even where puppies.


Bergen, Norway

Sam Newell: Amazing – Surf and Jiu Jitsu Paradise!

Luis and his girlfriend are the perfect hosts. Nothing is too much trouble for them. The location is simply breathtaking. Their ‘home’ is between the beach and an estuary – so surfing, wake boarding or paddle boarding is only ever a few minutes walk away.

If you’re into BJJ like me you won’t ever have rolled in a more beautiful spot. Words won’t do it justice; check out the pics! El Salvador gets a bad rap for safety which does not need to be a concern. This place is 100%, clean and If Roderigo is cooking then you’re in for a treat… An amazing week. All expectations exceeded.


London, UK

Brennan Taylor: It will blow you away!

Has everything you need and everything you could want. Everyone there was really friendly. The house is really comfortable with lots of lounging space. If the ocean is too choppy to swim or surf there is a pool to help beat the heat. Rooms are very comfortable. Owners are excellent.


Toronto, Canada