Casa Kickapoo



At Casa Kickapoo all of your expectations are met. From the excellent Jiu Jitsu instruction by major names in the industry, to the food and accommodations, everything at the Casa is top shelf. Luis is very attentive to his guests’ needs as well is the staff onsite. Whether it be surfing lessons or a special meal request, Casa Kickapoo can provide it. Casa Kickapoo provides a safe, welcoming environment for all levels of people in Jiu Jitsu and allows them a chance to learn and train in the jewel of Central America. You will not be disappointed.

Denver, Colorado

Andrew S.: Unspoiled Paradise!

Thanks to Luis, Gloria & Rodrigo, I was able to experience the unspoiled beauty of El Salvador in complete safety. Great location, accommodation, beaches, cooking & hospitality, not only did I get to see some incredible nature, friendship, surfing and stunning sunsets, I made some good friends. I can not recommend this place enough.

Sydney, Australia


Jen A.: Truly Magical!

Casa Kickapoo is a place like no other. I can’t say enough how great Luis and Gloria are as hosts. They have made such a lovely getaway, it is truly paradise! If you go for a camp look forward to Rodrigo’s fantastic cooking, every meal was so delicious, yet healthy and balanced, with more than enough portions for those who are training rigorously. Luis N. the surfing instructor got everyone who attempted to surf up and standing in a few days.

The rooms are very nice, clean, and modern. The common sitting areas, hammocks and estuary give you a place to gather,but if it’s quiet you want there is always an un occupied hammock available. At no point in time did I feel unsafe or antsy to leave the grounds in over 10 days. I have no bout that we will be returning to Casa Kickapoo and staying for longer than a week. The best quote of the week was » this is one of the few places that look better than the pictures». I could go on for ever but I think that sums it up!

Cleveland, Ohio

Charles B.: Kicked back at Kickapoo

We had a family reunion with 12 people at Kickapoo. We loved the out side common area. It was so nice to spend time with our family relaxing on the deck or cooling off in the swimming pool. We also loved jumping off the pier into the estuary. Private access to the beach side of the property was also very convenient. All in all it was a perfect vacation.

San Luis Obispo County, CA

Oscar M.: Family reunion – beach, sun & mega-fun!!

My two sisters and I came to El Salvador with our families from Europe and the U.S. for a long-overdue family reunion. We stayed at Casa Kickapoo and it served as the foundation for a week-long, care-free, fantastic tropical vacation.
Casa Kickapoo is an extraordinarily well-equipped and comfortable home with all the appropriate amenities – it exceeded all our expectations! Moreover, it is uniquely situated with access to both beach and estuary. As a result, there are activities for families with members of every age. One can enjoy the magnificent waves & surf or the calm tidal flows of the estuary. Our 11-person group – ages 12 to 55 – surfed, paddle-boarded, kayaked, fished, swam in ocean, estuary and/or pool, barbecued, watched movies, played a variety of games including cards, ping-pong, and dominoes, and just plain ol lounged around in one of numerous hammocks reading and sipping cool fresh coconut water. There is a setting and activity for every age.
Luis was extremely friendly and helpful giving excellent advice & suggestions. The Casa Kickapoo caretakers – Efrain & Tomasa – kept the place spotless and secure and we felt totally at ease during our entire stay. We hired a van & driver for an over-night excursion to a coffee plantation with horse-back riding & zip-line canopy, swimming at a beautiful waterfall, visit to thermal baths and to a quaint village with lots of artisans.
Casa Kickapoo provided the perfect setting, comfortable & safe, for this unforgettable family experience and awesome tropical vacation !!


Lisbon, Portugal

Erik Lundmark: A life experience – Amazing!

This was my first trip to central america and I could not be more grateful to start this off at Casa Kickapoo. The service was great, cleaning, laundry service, food, drinks, the works! There was a constant flow of coconuts, fresh juice and any kind of beverage you could think of to keep cool in this relaxing hot place. The owner of the beach house, Luis, was periodically checking if everyone had nice and relaxing stay. Luis also took me out on my first wake surfing run, it was extremely fun and I will never forget it – Thanks Luis!

A short note regarding the bad reputation of El Salvador – It’s simply not true. I felt safe the entire stay and not to mention the fact that me and my travel companion stayed for another week. We continued our journey to El Tunco and made a short stop in San Salvador as well. It’s indeed a country with lot of poverty but we never felt threatened or unsafe in any way.


Malmö, Sweden

Dojo Chimp: Customer Service Plus!

Our host, Luis made my stay at Casa Kickapoo exactly what I thought my stay should be. All my needs were met. The wonderful staff and care taken for my comfort was above and beyond what I expected.

San Francisco, CA

Halldór Logi Valsson: Trip of a Lifetime!

Had been traveling and training jiu-jitsu for 3 months and was looking forward to my end destination.. El Salvador.
I didn’t know much about the place but I had heard it was very dangerous and I should be careful.
I haven’t felt safer in a life time. The house is on a good and remote place and everywhere you go you had tour guides who are awesome people, showing you around.
I had also heard from friends that it was a great mix of jiu-jitsu and vacation wich was excetly what I was looking for.
I was not disappointed, it was perfect. Group of 15 fantastic jiu-jitsu people, great hosts that made you feel at home and led by black belt instructor and a great friend Christian Graugart.
The house was fantastic, Gloria,Luis,Luis and Rodrigo immediately felt like family, more friendly and welcoming hosts you can not find. The food was great, the environment was tourist friendly and comfortable. Mats space outside, beach in walking distance and endless stuff to do to pass your time. Or like me… sleep out and chill.
Whatever you are looking to do… train hard, sleep hard or a mixture of both, you are going to find that at Casa Kickapoo.
I have never had a better holiday.

Dalvík, Iceland

Åshild JD Trædal: Surfjitsu camp in Paradise :)

I booked a spot at a surf & jiu-jitsu camp at Casa Kickapoo sometime last fall, not knowing anyone else going, just judging by the description of the camp and the location. My judgement was not wrong, but no completely right either…this place far exceeded my hopes and expectations!
I arrived late at night, so when I woke up the next morning and looked around- I was stunned, and couldn’t stop smiling!  The house and grounds are well kept, and has anything one can wish for. Lots of hammocks, sofas and chairs to lounge in, a pool, slack line, paddle boards, jet ski…and for this particular camp, a bjj mat space under the palm trees.
The estuary is right ahead and the beach just a few minutes walk away.
Luis, Gloria and their crew were fantastic!! They made me feel right at home and catered to all my needs before I even knew I had them! I felt so spoiled. We were well fed all the time, chef Rodrigo cooked up all kinds of good stuff! Surf lessons by Luis (the other Luis) were great, got me feeling (almost) like a pro before I left!
Any concerns I had about safety in El Salvador were only that, concerns. I felt very safe the whole time.
I would love to come back here, and recommend anyone who wants to experience a piece of paradise, and make new friends along the way, to book a stay at Casa Kickapoo!!

Masfjorden, Norway

Neal Freeburn: Paradise Found!

This is the second time I’ve been here in as many years. The place is a luxurious getaway in a tropical paradise. The grounds and accommodation are cleaned daily and food prepared by the local chef is top class. Although I had heard about EL Salvador having bad crime rates, in the 3 weeks total I’ve spent there I have seen no signs of crime or disorder. Would highly recommend you visit!!

Belfast, United Kingdom